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The Hawley Fellowship was established in 1961 to promote graduate study and research in hydraulic and environmental engineering. The Fellowship is supported by the John B. Hawley Memorial Fund, which was initiated within the Texas Section-ASCE by S.W. Freese and M.C. Nichols to honor a leading engineer in the early days of Texas.

The recipient must have an affiliation with the Texas Section-ASCE and with a Texas school at the time of application. The study should preferably be done in Texas. The fellowship is a gift to the recipient, whose obligations are to make the most of the opportunity and to file brief reports with the trustees.

This "course" manages individual applications for the Hawley Fellowship awarded by the Texas Society of Civil Engineers.  Applicants must be students at eligible institutions and student members of ASCE at the time of application submission.  

You may review the application contents using Guest Access.  The Guest password is hawley2019.  Once you have an idea of the materials you need to submit, then request a user account to upload your materials.